Saturday, October 29, 2011

craft fail... or no?

Just keeping it real here...

Today I tried using polymer clay for the first time. I've read all the warnings about keeping it separate from all food-related items, so I bought myself a little toaster oven to bake the clay in.

Yeah, not so smart.

This clay was white. White.

And oh, the stench!! And oh, the coldness in my house when I had to leave the doors and windows open for an hour to get rid of that stench.

So I almost threw the pieces out, but then I figured that it wouldn't harm anything to see how they'd look with the second coat of coloured clay that I was planning to do, and had already poured out anyhow.

This time, I cooked them in my oven. Double-wrapped in foil because I'm paranoid that way.

They didn't turn out too badly... for being burnt to a crisp originally.

I have more clay here... I think I'm going to have to psych myself up a bit before I open up another package!


  1. Now call me crazy, and I know it's not what you intended ... but I love them! Especially those little birds. How did you get that second layer effect? It's gorgeous!

  2. Well, thanks :)
    I may try again sometime... I still would like to see what they'd look like in white!
    The second layer is liquid polymer clay, coloured with alcohol inks, and spread thinly over the baked (burnt!) clay, so that it pools in the textured areas. It's *supposed* to look like porcelain.

  3. the second one is gorgeous.. love the colour... but i gotta ask , your clay is clearly overbaked , but is it still hard ? or is it going to be crack and sort of "dissolve" soon ?

  4. No, it stayed hard, and still seems durable.


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