Thursday, May 10, 2012

of pottery and things.

So I've been feeling guilty for not keeping up with this space... life's been busy. That's a stupid excuse, I know.

But here's some pretty pictures of my latest batch of pottery to hopefully make up for it...

(I need to give a shout-out to Lianna, who gave me a light box that she wasn't using... it made taking these photos a hundred times easier than it was before!! I still don't have lights for it, but I just put it out in the sunshine, et voila! Lovely pictures!)

a small, subtly beige bowl
Four mugs... part of a series that I'm calling "four identical, all different".
Two have feet on them, and one has no handle. I love them all.
two of four bowls, also part of the
"four identical, all different" series.
...and another.

another bowl...
two teapots that both pour reasonably well (yay me!!)
the blue one...
...and the brown one

a spotty vase
and a stamped swirly one.

 I also had a few misfortunes with a couple of my pieces.

a big bowl... my biggest so far. About 10" diameter.

A tea-light holder with a hole-y cover

Sadly, it had an air bubble in it.

Unfortunately, the top and bottom stuck together
and had to be broken apart.

That's what I brought home from the studio last night. There will be more next week.


  1. Wow.I am very impressed...did you not just start pottery this past year? Your teapots are extra special. Now I know I wanna do this someday too!:-)

    1. Thanks! Yes, my first class was in August of last year. I've really enjoyed it! You should try it out... it's fun :)


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