Sunday, February 13, 2011

moop knockoff

Have you ever heard of Moop bags?

I've loved them for quite a while now... thoughtfully designed, well made bags.

I just can't afford to buy one. Or two. Or, heaven forbid, three or four; because I wouldn't be able to choose just one. They're all just that great.

So, I did the next best thing. I hunted down some waxed canvas fabric, and made my own.
front of the bag... there are two pockets hiding under the flap; and a snap-fastening strap looping through that rectangular ring

back of the bag, with its zipped pocket

floral cotton interior with a yellow-spotted pocket, a key-ring holder, and plenty of space for my stuff

It's based on Moop's Letter Clutch, only bigger, and with a cross-body strap. I love , love, love it. I may have finally found my perfect bag.

Next up, an Epiphanie camera bag knock-off.

edited to add: I've created a tutorial, if you'd like to make your own Moop knock-off... Parts One, Two, Three, Four and Five...


  1. I've never heard of them but that is a fab, fab bag - I love it when crafting brings us riches - too often I feel like I spend too much on my knits as shop bought is cheaper - though of course often not comparable in terms of the material used - anyway handmade is always best in my book :)

  2. Did not know the MOOP4S bags, but your's is great. Maybe you want to make us a tutorial?????

  3. I'd not seen Moop bags before I clicked your link but I have to say that I prefer your to theirs!! I don't really like clutch bags because I like to have my hands free and yours looks much roomier inside for my stuff too. Will you be publishing your method or pattern?

  4. Wow! You're pseudo-Moops is brillant. Do you source the waxed cotton online or local to you? I'd love a weekend bag like this.
    Also, I'm wondering if waxed cotton is a challenge to sew with? If you do end up doing a tutorial on how to make a Moop, you should definitely send a link to Copycat Crafts - they would love this!

    I too love the Moops, and I could only dream of an Epiphanie bag... I am in an endless quest for the perfect bag.

  5. ah that endless search for the perfect bag! This is gorgeous & beautifully made. I think that might be my idea of a perfect bag too. Fabulous. love the fabrics. Jacs x

  6. Oh thankgoodnessIfound you again - woohoo!
    I knew I saw a tutorial for this somewhere, but I couldn't remember where! Voila! I'm strongly considering making this bag with some laminated cotton I recently bought. But yours looks so classy with the brown waxed cotton... and mine would be slightly more goofy (it's big old-timey cameras in eggplant!).
    Well, at least I have the tutorial now and I'm adding you to my feeds!

  7. Heheh... thanks!
    I think it'll look fabulous in laminated cotton! I'd love to see a pic
    when you're done :)

  8. Where where where did you get that waxed canvas?!! All I can seem to find online is wholesale retailers!

    1. Fairfield Textiles...


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