Wednesday, January 25, 2012

erm... yeah...

I never know how to start a blog post after an inexcusably long absence. It's sort of awkward, you know? Like when you see someone you know but you don't go say hi but you know that they've seen you too and you know they know you've seen them, and then later on they come over to where you are, and it's all just a little uncomfortable,  but you kind of pretend it's not... you know.

Well, anyhow.

There it is... here I am.

Life goes on.

In a nutshell:

1. Christmas happened. (The Christmas fairy didn't show up... I had to do all the work myself. Bummer.) It was good.

2. The eldest daughter moved back home. Temporarily, as she is quick to tell anyone who asks. It's a long complicated story that involves school, roommates, finances, and anything else you feel like throwing into the mix. It caused great upheaval here as I suddenly had to make a five bedroom house out of a four bedroom one. It all worked out in the end, and resulted in great mounds of stuff being taken to the thrift store (a task that I was intending to accomplish over the next few months anyway... just not all in the first week of January!)

3. I found my knitting mojo. Much to the detriment of my to-do list.

4. I started eating Paleo. I'm doing it in an attempt to lose weight. Ironically, I have now gained another five pounds. Sigh. I'm hoping that's a temporary thing.

5. There is a rather large pile of costume sewing to be done. I'm playing Mrs. Darling in a production of Peter Pan... we open 4 weeks from tomorrow. Not one of my costumes is completed yet. That's why I spent the weekend devouring the Hunger Games trilogy...

6. I'm back at pottery classes... joy and bliss!!

7. We actually had winter for over a week. The whole town shut down. But now we're back to rain rain rain, and all the snow is gone.

snow right up to my boot-tops!!

That's about it for now...