Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I need some advice

So, there I was, happily browsing through one of my favourite thrift stores, and I happened upon a roll of this pretty fabric. Upholstery weight. Cotton. Very pale yellow, with olive green, ochre, pink and dull red leafy vines. 1.8 metres (about 2 yds) for $3.50.

Not bad, I thought... it'd make a cute little purse or two.

And then I spotted another roll of it. Same size, same price.

Okay, I thought. I could make more than a couple of them... after all, I'm planning to start making purses for sale.

Then, without warning, as I rounded the corner of the aisle, and started down the other side, there was yet another roll of the same fabric. Only this one was bigger. Much, much bigger. 9.5m in length, for a grand total of around 13 metres of fabric.

And then, without warning, I had a thought. What if I used all that fabric to cover my loveseat and the new little settee???

So I bought it all.

And I brought it home and draped it over the loveseat.

And now I'm not sure about it.

 My plan originally was to do plain white covers. And while I do like the fabric, I think a whole couch-worth of it might just be too much of a good thing. What do you think? Yes? No?

Saturday, June 5, 2010

thankful for...

... sunshine, and a clothesline full of sun-dried clothes.

... a $20 craigslisted china cabinet!!!

... hydrangea blossoms

... a vacuum system that actually works, thanks to its filter being cleaned out (and the husband who got all dusty doing the cleaning).

... a sweet sister who cemented her best-auntie-in-the-world status by first of all letting me drop off my daughter at her house for a couple of hours, and then by taking her to the water park!!! Thanks, Rachel :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

one man's trash...

... is this woman's treasure!!!

I drove past this little settee on Monday evening, as it sat by the side of the road after a day or more of rain. I loved it at first sight, but we were driving the small car and it was full of people.

Fast-forward through another full day and night of rain on Tuesday, and still more rain this morning...

I decided to try my luck, and see if the sogginess factor would've scared off all the other people who might otherwise have snatched up this beauty. Apparently it did.

And oh, how lucky I am!!! It's solidly built, and all the springs are still intact and not sagging... I just need to wait for it to dry out a bit, and give it a lick of paint and some new upholstery.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

happy... June???

Does this seem right to you???

Really? June 1st? And it's only 14 degrees???

This doesn't make me happy. Not happy at all.

Fortunately my garden doesn't seem to mind quite as much as I do.