Friday, February 29, 2008


Look what $100 can do!!!

Well... that plus several hours of sorting, stacking, folding, tossing, etc...

The folding inspiration came from this blog, and even though it took a very long time, I'm so happy with the results! I just stand and look at my fabric with a dopey grin on my face. Of course, now I can really see the gaps in my stash... need. more. browns!

And the timing couldn't be better, too, with Karey Bresenhan announcing the new 2008 Journal Quilt project today on the QuiltArt mailing list. You can see a hint of my first quilt laid out on the ironing board. But, of course, all quilts will be kept under wraps til I find out if they will be shown at Houston. Yep. This is to be a juried exhibit, for the first time.

And, I've also got some progress to report on the knitting front... I've decided not to wait til next fall to finish my vest... it's almost ready to split for the armholes and neck shaping (note to self: must find the last skein of yarn!)

Thursday, February 28, 2008


I took the Bean for a walk this morning to enjoy the sunshine and the not-rainyness of the day.

I love finding random things, like this lemon by the side of the road. So incongruous and yellow.
Kind of like a sunny day in the winter.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


What do you do when you're feeling full of creativity, and you walk into your studio (aka the laundry room) and you're greeted with this???

$1000 at IKEA would let me whip this room into shape, so there'd be a place for everything (whether it would all be in its place is another matter)... problem is, a thousand bucks is exactly what I don't have.

So, what did I do this afternoon?
Did I clean up?
No. I didn't.
Instead I did another pattern repeat on the Tweedy Vest from the fall/winter 2005 issue of knitscene.
I started it back in November.
At this rate, it'll be finished by next fall...

The funny thing is that I hesitated for months about making this vest because I didn't want one with cables. But it was the only one I could find with a scooped neck (which I wanted), so I finally gave in.

It wasn't till I was almost finished the first 8 rows that I realized it isn't a cabled vest.

I'm so dumb sometimes.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Collaboration ATC

I signed up for a unique type of collaborative ATC swap on nervousness. Everyone who signed up chose an element for inclusion on the cards. We ended up with:

1. the colour purple
2. a self-portrait
3. a butterfly
4. something metal
5. joy (as either word or concept)
6. fibre
7. sheet music

It's kind of hard to see the word JOY, but it's embossed into the copper tag.

As far as the self-portrait goes... well my 2 year old thinks it looks like me...

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunshine, glorious sunshine

There's nothing like a clear sunny day after weeks and weeks of rain. And you never know how long it'll be till the next sunny day... and to have it on a weekend, too!
I spent most of the afternoon walking around and enjoying it... along with most of the people in the neighbourhood. Normally you only see the die-hard joggers during the winter. Today everyone was outside soaking up the rays.
Mmmm. So nice.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


It's time to try being a sheep, and jumping onto the blogging bandwagon. (Now there's a mixed metaphor if ever I saw one...)
Time alone will tell if I can keep up with this, or what it'll turn into.