Thursday, April 3, 2008

Three (mostly happy) Faces

It all started this morning with a phone call from the school.
"Your son fell while roller-blading to school. Can you come and get him?"
Wait... Nathan roller-bladed to school this morning??? Is he CRAZY? There's a saddle hill he has to go both up and down. And it's steep. Very steep.

So, Ray drove out to see how bad it was. Not as bad as it might be... lots of blood and scrapes... Nathan decided he was okay to stay at school. Whew!

Of course, this is what his face looked like when he got home this afternoon... poor boy!

The next one was the result of a very yummy breakfast burrito and its subsequent drips of salsa.

And all day, I got to see this (or variations thereof):

It was a good day!

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