Thursday, March 5, 2009


A thrift store trip this morning netted a bag of rusty goodness. I thought it was cogs and gears and random stuff, but oh no! It was better than that!

Two rolled-hem feet (I think they're slightly different sizes, it's hard to tell)

A ruffler foot

Some mystery metal pieces that look like they might belong to a sewing machine somehow

And a very mysterious-looking foot. I have no idea what it is for, but I'd love to find out, if anyone knows!

I have no idea what I'm going to do with them. I'd love to be able to resurrect the ruffler, because that would be a very handy thing to have around. I guess if they're beyond hope of reviving, there'll be some sort of assemblage art in their future, we'll see. At any rate, I was really excited to find them!


  1. ooooo, I'm jealous! Especially over the ruffler foot. I'm thinking I may have to find one if our next baby is a girl.

  2. The picture after the ruffler foot . . . I have no idea what the curved things are but the straight one is an attachment for your scissors! to evenly cut bias (or straight) trim. Check this link for a picture and description of how to use and what the letters mean.

    I also blogged about making my own since I hadn't been able to find one to buy:

    Very cool collection. I hope you can figure out what they are all for!


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