Sunday, September 13, 2009

before and after

I was requested to make a messenger bag for school. Since I didn't want to go out and spend lots of money on fabric, yet I still needed it to be waterproof, I went thrift-store-shopping and found this large jacket:

I cut it up into bits, and removed the lining and laid out pattern pieces and tried different layouts until I was able to make everything fit. I must say I'm rather pleased with the results.

So, thankfully, is my son.


  1. NO WAY! I cannot believe this bag was once a thrift store jacket! You are an amazing handbag seamstress.

    You are also the winner of my blog giveaway!

  2. Oh, I forgot to add, email me your address so I know where to send your prompt journal.


  3. Wow - that is pure awesome! I'd bet the nylon wasn't a treat to sew on either - and yet everything looks so neat - great job!

  4. You are one incredibly talented and creative woman!! wow!

  5. Wha? Are you kidding? That is BRILLIANT pattern making and sewing right there!! WOW!

  6. Thanks :) I only wish I'd been able to come up with the pattern myself... I'm not that good yet!


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