Wednesday, July 6, 2011

tap-tap... hello?

Is anyone still out there?

I've neglected this space shamefully, I know.

I have been trying to figure out what I'm actually doing here. This isn't a mommy blog... it's not a crafty blog... I don't blog any deep thoughts... I'm not into fashion and style... and my 365 project seems to be filling some of my personal blogging needs.

The truth, I think, is that I've been reading too many other blogs, and I'm feeling inadequate.

Maybe it's time to take a blog-reading break.


  1. There is seriously a theme of inadequacy among us all right now. I've been feeling it myself, and as I did all my catch up blog reads today, I saw 3 others share feelings along the same lines. I've been bad lately too. Life is busy. I think it's healthy sometimes to take breaks(even if they are not intentional)... they usually mean you are occupied with the real world, and give you a chance to re-focus. 

    Know what you mean about figuring out what you're doing. It's hard to stay super consistent with a personal blog as far as a theme goes. I don't know the main focus of mine either really.

  2. Hello!

    Yes we are still out here :-)

    I love your blog posts and enjoy everyone you write (though I tend to be a bit rubbish about leaving comments - sorry!). I feel the same way about my own blog sometimes, it definitely doesn't measure up to a lot of the other blogs I read, but when I look back to when I first started blogging it dawns on me that maybe it will one day - my posts have changed so much and if I keep up my posting I feel such a sense of achievement.

    Blog about what you love - a little bit of everything is also good and stops you trying to write a different blog for every aspect of your life which is a sure fire way of going crazy very quickly :-)

  3. Sometimes the line between inspiration/inadequacy is a fine one isn't it but everyone's blog is different and all that my favourites have in common is the strength of the individuals voice. My philosophy is to blog if it's fun about whatever I want and if it isn't feeling fun then I don't :)

  4. You're right... I have seen it elsewhere as well. I guess I just expect myself to have a bit more of a handle on who I am since I'm *cough*not-young*cough* any more ;)

  5. Oh, yes! I can barely manage two at once... don't know how some people manage it. They hire people, I guess... not much of a solution for me!!


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