Friday, November 4, 2011


Note to self: The 'save' button on the top of the blogger dashboard is not the same as the 'publish' button. No one will see your posts if you do not actually publish them.

Okay, then.

Sorry about that, people.  I have cobwebs in my brain. I must have walked through someone's Hallowe'en decorations accidentally.

So, here's my Five Minute Friday post. Ironically, the word for the day is Remember. Here it is, then: five minutes, no editing, no worrying about if it's perfect or not. Just writing.


there was an apple tree in the field by the road, and I would walk there, long ways, heat shimmering off the asphalt, barefoot in the gravel on the edge, just walking, walking. (growing into my seventeen-year-old skin, perched precariously on the edge of womanhood, about to be catapulted into wife-ness.) and I would climb through the barbed wire fence, back scraping gently on the wire as I shimmied through, cross the field with its stubble of grass poking between my toes, and sit up in that tree, hide behind the leaves and listen. birds chirping, breeze rustling, distant sounds of a tractor in the hayfield, cows lowing. five minutes, or twenty, and then back the way I came, arms swinging, steady steps, up the hill and home.



  1. What beautiful imagery. I can almost smell the dry grass and hear the humming sounds of a hot day.

  2. lovely - i feel like i was walking along with you!

    i miss apple trees...

  3. Lovely!  You so captured fall!  Thank you!

  4. This is so incredibly beautiful! And I felt that I was walking with you, except to my own special maple tree. The one that seemed to give life back every time I sat in the branches. Happy, Happy Fall. (SO glad that I stopped by from 5MF!)

  5. I loved the descriptive artistry in this post.
    I also loved the adorable honesty in the "note to self" at the top of the post!
    Thanks for inspiration and chuckles all in one this morning!

  6. A beautiful reflection of your 17 year-old self seen from your "now" perspective. Evocative of change but reflective of a moment.


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