Thursday, April 19, 2012

of photos and expanding my options

So, you may have noticed a new thing in my sidebar... some instagram photos.

Yes, I have now joined the modern era. I have a smartphone.
An android, of course, because heaven forbid there should be an electronic device in this house that is owned by either of the 'big two'... no apple or ibm products here, thank you very much. It's linux or nothing for us, if you please!

Sorry about that - I was just channelling my husband for a moment there. (Or at least, my understanding of whatever it is that he says/does. If I just said something stupid up there, through my lack of comprehension, please don't bother to correct me. He's tried. It doesn't stick, sadly.)

Anyhow. The smartphone. Right.

The first thing I did was to install instagram. And a few other photo-apps. My lovely new phone has an 8MP camera in it, so it's only logical that I would want some toys to play with.

 Ahhhh, such fun.
And now I always have a camera with me, everywhere I go, even when I don't bring the 'real' one along.

I'm looking for people to follow, so if you're an instagram user, feel free to follow me (I'm wendyklassen) and I'll follow back.

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