Friday, February 29, 2008


Look what $100 can do!!!

Well... that plus several hours of sorting, stacking, folding, tossing, etc...

The folding inspiration came from this blog, and even though it took a very long time, I'm so happy with the results! I just stand and look at my fabric with a dopey grin on my face. Of course, now I can really see the gaps in my stash... need. more. browns!

And the timing couldn't be better, too, with Karey Bresenhan announcing the new 2008 Journal Quilt project today on the QuiltArt mailing list. You can see a hint of my first quilt laid out on the ironing board. But, of course, all quilts will be kept under wraps til I find out if they will be shown at Houston. Yep. This is to be a juried exhibit, for the first time.

And, I've also got some progress to report on the knitting front... I've decided not to wait til next fall to finish my vest... it's almost ready to split for the armholes and neck shaping (note to self: must find the last skein of yarn!)

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