Thursday, February 21, 2008


What do you do when you're feeling full of creativity, and you walk into your studio (aka the laundry room) and you're greeted with this???

$1000 at IKEA would let me whip this room into shape, so there'd be a place for everything (whether it would all be in its place is another matter)... problem is, a thousand bucks is exactly what I don't have.

So, what did I do this afternoon?
Did I clean up?
No. I didn't.
Instead I did another pattern repeat on the Tweedy Vest from the fall/winter 2005 issue of knitscene.
I started it back in November.
At this rate, it'll be finished by next fall...

The funny thing is that I hesitated for months about making this vest because I didn't want one with cables. But it was the only one I could find with a scooped neck (which I wanted), so I finally gave in.

It wasn't till I was almost finished the first 8 rows that I realized it isn't a cabled vest.

I'm so dumb sometimes.

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  1. I recognize these pictures! It's what happens when you move! I'm still living it 5 months later. If I was the wish fairy, I would grant you $1000 shopping spree at Ikea. Hang in there!


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