Thursday, June 12, 2008

One plus one equals nothing good

One is fine.
The other is cute too.
Put them together, and you realize you're really dorky, suddenly.

Someone came to the door today while I was cooking supper (and wearing my super-cute apron).

After he (yes, he) left, I realized that I was also wearing my matching hairband.

Ah well. At least he was short, not cute, and only trying to sell me something.


  1. Ha! At least you're lookin' good in the house. I love that bird fabric!

  2. Some friends of my daughter came over yesterday while I was in my apron. They just gave me that kinda blank stare - i don't have a matching headband - I'm going to have to get one and really embarass my daughter.

  3. Even so, you looked cute and coordinated.

  4. That fabric is great!

    I think you're safe: a man would never notice that. Well, none of the men I've ever dated would have, anyway.


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