Sunday, June 29, 2008

we have squatters

I walked into the dining room with supper for Miss Ellie, and spied this fellow deep in our little 2'X3' pond, washing his dinner.

He was promptly chased up a tree in an attempt to get him off the property - after all, we don't like cleaning up the mess these guys leave in our garbage cans.

An hour later, I could still hear him chittering away to himself up in the cedars. Then there was the sound of rustling, and I went to the window to see if he was indeed coming down from his perch.

Not at all.

What I heard in the bushes was the Mrs. and the kids coming home. Yup. It appears we have a whole family of 'coons living in our cedar trees.

Time to lock up the trash!

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  1. Yikes! Although they are so cute, they can really be mean as well as messy! We get them on our back deck sometimes trying to get at the bird feeder. It used to freak me out a little because I would hear all these thumping noises after dark on our deck from them falling to the deck after hanging on the feeder. Silly things!


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