Sunday, August 31, 2008


What's the correct way to respond to comments?

Most of the time, I send emails to the commenter, since blogger lets me know their email address. Only sometimes people comment anonymously so I can't do that, and then I feel bad.

Should I respond in the comment section?

Ack. I hate not knowing what to do!

(But I'm really enjoying playing with my photos on picnik!)


  1. Hi Wendy! I don't know what the "etiquette" is, but I can tell you what I do! I try to respond back to anyone that comments through a personal email, even if it is just a "thank-you". One way you can make sure you always have a contact for each commentor is to turn off the ability for people to leave anonymous comments on your blog settings (which I have done on mine). I don't answer people in my comments because maybe they will never make it back to that post and therefore will never get their question answered or hear the thank-you from me to them. I also think that when I send a personal email to people who have left a comment that I may brighten their day just a little like they did mine when they took time out to say a little something to me in my comment section!

  2. I do the same - that way I also know when someone has written something new on my blog. That also eliminates my taking up space on the comment sections of my own blog. Don't know if that is "right" or not, but it works nicely for me.

  3. Ha! I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels a little awkward when it comes to replying to comments. I usually post a comment below a theirs as I know other people following a post enjoy reading the exchange as well. I know it's delusional but I like to think that people make their way back to our blog to check the comments again.


  4. I'm not sure what the correct etiquette is either, but I'm glad I have time to visit your blog today, and to thank you for your kind birthday wishes, and for reading my blog too!
    Heather (from Skinny laMinx)


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