Thursday, August 7, 2008


Did I say those sheet bits would make nice purse linings?

Linen with silk applique...
... and a pretty floral sheet for lining.

Blue linen wristlet...
... with more pretty floral sheet lining.

And the smartest thing I've done all summer??? That would be when I bought the Wristlet Three Ways pattern from Elizabeth. Not so much for the pattern's sake - I've made enough lined pouch type things already to not need another one - but for the zipper instructions. FINALLY I know how to sew in a zipper so that it doesn't look all gimpy at the ends. Hurrah!!!

And a teaser to end off with... I'm almost to my 6 month blogiversary. I know, small potatoes compared to some, but still. I wasn't sure if I could maintain a blogging habit any better than I did with journaling... and I've got the stacks of half-done books to prove it. So keep your eyes peeled, there'll be a give-a-way coming soon by way of a small celebration :)

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  1. I love these little purses! You really do nice work Wendy!


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