Tuesday, October 20, 2009


My 40th birthday is fast approaching. Really fast. Like 3 days from now fast.

I was asked the other day about my wishlist, and couldn't really come up with anything.  So, consequently, I've been thinking about it.

I realized that a lot of the things I reallyreally want are intangibles. Not world peace or anything... I wouldn't know what to do with that. But peace in my house, that I could enjoy.

summer house: davidoss
I would like to be confident enough in my own creativity to do the things I want to do. It's not that I don't think I make beautiful stuff, it's just that I worry about how much I'm just copying other peoples' ideas. I want to start making purses and things to sell, but I don't want to be a copycat.

purse pattern: Liesl & Co
embroidery pattern: Posy Gets Cosy

I want to feel comfortable inside my own skin. Enough said.

Laugh and dance: pinklilyblossom
Of course, there are also "things" that I want. I'm not so cerebral as all that.

I want a serger... oh, how I miss having a serger! Sewing clothing is just not the same without one!

serger: JuliaVesper
And a new DSLR. I've been using a point-and-shoot which, while fine in its way, is not an SLR. And it's never been the quite the same since its inadvertent ducking in a pond...

16yo daughter: Can I borrow your camera to take on a Photography Club field trip?
Me: Yes, I suppose, but YOU NEED TO TAKE GOOD CARE OF IT!!!
16yo daughter (after the field trip): Ummm... Mom? I was playing with the settings on your camera, and I found this one setting that said "underwater", so I tried it, and... ummm... well...
Me: ARGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Nikon d60: .PoCoK

And while we're talking wishlist here... I really want acreage. Where I can have chickens and a garden and a miniature Jersey cow. And maybe even a horse.

farm on 16th ave: David440

I want a swift and ball-winder.  

swift and ball winder: seemaknits

Boots. I want boots. But not just any boots... I want cute riding boots like these ones from Anthropologie.

sidesaddle boots: anthropologie
(While we're on the subject of that store, I just have to say that we need them to open a store in Canada. Need. I'm just saying.)

So. There it is. Me getting all uncomfortable because this post is all about me and what I want. And then realizing how silly I'm being, since it is my blog and all... but remaining embarrassed anyhow.... so carry on. Go read something else. Pretend I didn't just hit the 'post' button.

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  1. I hope you get all that you wish for!

    *btw, I cringed when I read the part about your daughter and the camera, ugh!


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