Thursday, November 5, 2009

advent matchboxes, and the best meal I've made in a while

I covered twenty-four matchboxes with paper, painted them, and put little birdie inchies on each one.

Then I made  twenty-four little quilty bits, each with a button and a birdie charm stitched on.

And I wrote out my verse in little tiny letters... twenty-four times. Oh, were my fingers sore!!!

Then I put them all into a box and sent them off to Texas, where they'll get divided up between all twenty-four of us who participated, and we'll all end up with a set of matchboxes for our advent count-down.

I can't wait to see what the rest of them look like!

On another note, if you want to make the yummiest, most comforting food in the whole world, I strongly suggest that you head over to La Fuji Mama's blog and copy out the recipe for Niku-Jaga that she has posted there.
I served it with a side of brown rice and steamed carrots, and couldn't stop eating it. The recipe says it serves 4... that's generous. All 6 of us ate it for dinner, and then I had two more bowlfuls as an evening "snack", and two of us get some for lunch today as well. I'm totally adding this to my list of fall-back recipes!


  1. hei your picture so nice, i not come there... nice to see you in your blog...dont perget visited in my blog to ok...and to be follower... thanks alot

  2. Your matchboxes are STUNNING!!! I love the the quilted block inside with the silver bird charm. They are so precious, I can't wait to see them in person!!!

    Hugs, Ashlyn
    fellow CPA member

  3. Oh, I'm sorry I missed out on this swap! I'm not into advent calendars all that much (but I do have grandchildren who would enjoy them) but I LOVE your little matchbox treasures! Be sure to show us your completed set :- )

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  5. So glad you liked the niku-jaga! Those matchboxes are stunning!

  6. Hi I fell on your blog whilst avoiding house work.I love these match boxes what a fantastic idea. I would like to follow your blog would that be ok as I don.t know you and dont want to intrude in your private life. Thanks
    Tracy Cook oh I am in uk and really bad at updating my blog

  7. Oh my these came out so wonderfully! What a wonderful swap you got to participate in!


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