Wednesday, November 25, 2009

one down...

One project is done.

 I feel like I've still got a million more to go.

I don't know why I get so optimistic around this time of year.

Knit a sweater for my husband? Sure! Slippers for all my kids? No problem! Socks for my sister-in-law? Yup! Hats for all my neices and nephews? Why not! A gift swap for 18 people? Sign me up! An ornament swap for 13? Great idea!

Next year, would somebody please slap some sense into me?


  1. The Christmas spirit does things to the most sensible of brains! The overcommitments and chaos can be part of the fun I think (most of the time anyway!)

    As I have you as my yarn ball swap recipient I guess you haven't stopped getting involved with things yet :o)

  2. So true :) There's always so many cool swaps to sign up for!

  3. You crack me up! Good luck with all your projects. I hope you meet your deadlines.

  4. Oh, I WISh you added more description to your photos. What fabulous creations am I looking at and how do I sign up to get one? hee hee

    I am getting past doing "multiples" swaps, although the matchbox swap was one NOT to miss. Doing things assembly line does not bring me joy. I like creating things that use up the onesies I have lying around (and I have a lot of stuff lying asound!)


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