Wednesday, February 3, 2010

failure is always an option - day 3

A sick kidlet keeping me up half the night with her crying/coughing/snottiness resulted in my get-up-and-go taking a day off. So I ditched the "doing stuff" plans in favour of having tea with Oma.
Coincidentally, this resulted in me baking some very tasty cranberry scones, which I wouldn't otherwise have done. Hmmm.

Oma had been going through some boxes, and brought along some toys that were originally bought for her own kids when they were small. Ellie had a lot of fun playing with her daddy's old toys!

AND... in other exciting news, my magic yarn ball arrived today!!!!!!!

I squealed with excitement when I found the package sitting by my front door!

Sarah sent me two luscious balls of alpaca/shetland blend sockweight yarn. LOVE!

And oh, the goodies inside!!! And oh, what fun I had unwrapping it (what, did you think I had the patience to knit them out??? are you kidding me???)

Bigger pictures can be found at my flickr stream...

Seriously, this was the best swap ever. Actually, I think that it was just that I had the best swap partner ever.


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  1. Ah but I thought I had the best swap partner ever? Thanks for the amazing photos :)


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