Monday, February 8, 2010

failure is always an option - days 5-8

It was a busy busy weekend!

I'm working on a test-knit for Kristen... not only will it be a pretty shawl for me, it'll work beautifully as part of my costume in Pride&Prejudice.

More bread was baked. I'm starting to suspect my kids of purposely leaving leftover porridge in the mornings just so that I'll make more bread. It's just that good.

Hearts were crocheted. These are so fun and so cute! Well, actually, I'm not really looking forward to weaving in the ends - I hate doing that. But really, aren't they sweet?

Hot chocolate was drunk. Seriously, this is the best hot chocolate I've ever ever tasted. I like my chocolate spicy, and this stuff has chunks of chili peppers in it. You *can* strain them out, but it's way more exciting to chew them on the way down! It's the Aztec Chocolate spice blend from Made with Love Delectable Edibles. It's made in Kamloops, BC, and I've just recently found a place where I can buy it here in town!!!

A piano was acquired!!!!!!!!!!
I've been keyboard-less for a few months now. This sweet little console piano was given to us by some friends who had no use for it any longer. It had been stored in their atrium, which had also housed their birds... consequently, the inside of the piano was full of mouse nests and birdseed; and all of the felts had been chewed up by the mice. We've ordered replacement parts, and will be restoring the piano. Surprisingly, it's still mostly in tune and has a very nice tone, so I'm excited to have it in good working condition again.

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