Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I need some advice

So, there I was, happily browsing through one of my favourite thrift stores, and I happened upon a roll of this pretty fabric. Upholstery weight. Cotton. Very pale yellow, with olive green, ochre, pink and dull red leafy vines. 1.8 metres (about 2 yds) for $3.50.

Not bad, I thought... it'd make a cute little purse or two.

And then I spotted another roll of it. Same size, same price.

Okay, I thought. I could make more than a couple of them... after all, I'm planning to start making purses for sale.

Then, without warning, as I rounded the corner of the aisle, and started down the other side, there was yet another roll of the same fabric. Only this one was bigger. Much, much bigger. 9.5m in length, for a grand total of around 13 metres of fabric.

And then, without warning, I had a thought. What if I used all that fabric to cover my loveseat and the new little settee???

So I bought it all.

And I brought it home and draped it over the loveseat.

And now I'm not sure about it.

 My plan originally was to do plain white covers. And while I do like the fabric, I think a whole couch-worth of it might just be too much of a good thing. What do you think? Yes? No?


  1. I hate to say it, but I vote no.... lovely fabric, though!! Maybe mixed with something else?

  2. I actually like it but if you threw some pillows on there made from the other colors in it I think it would totally work.

  3. I say no to the whole loveseat being covered with this fabric, but why not try it on the settee...a amaller area and with the addition of some colorful pillows....great. Try the loveseat in a solid color taken from the fabric....a lighter shade if you want to go with lighter colors...add 1 bigger pillow or 2 smaller pillow to that ....and you might still have some left over for purses lol

  4. I think it'll take away from the print to cover such a large area. Maybe cover it in a coordinating shade, then make a few pillows in your fabric.

  5. I agree - only cos i have done the same in the past and it is too pale and insipid. I agree with Jennifer - your fabric will make lovely cushions, or perhaps a quilt for chilly days.

  6. I would vote yes, especially as you had plain white in mind as the alternative - I thought you might have doubts because it was too pale - I think this is an easy going pattern to live with and plenty of colours to pick out

  7. The print on the fabric is pretty, but it seems to be too small for the couch - it gets lost. Can you make some decorative pillows for your white/off-white couch cover you had planned originally? Not sure what you'd do with the other 12 yards though :)

  8. mmmm...looks like you have had lots of good advice...now for your decision ;)

  9. Thank you for visiting and your sweet comment on my pebble mat. I love this fabric, but maybe it would be more suitable for a chair or recovered seats? Have fun with your project, I look forward to seeing your finished sofa!


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