Saturday, June 5, 2010

thankful for...

... sunshine, and a clothesline full of sun-dried clothes.

... a $20 craigslisted china cabinet!!!

... hydrangea blossoms

... a vacuum system that actually works, thanks to its filter being cleaned out (and the husband who got all dusty doing the cleaning).

... a sweet sister who cemented her best-auntie-in-the-world status by first of all letting me drop off my daughter at her house for a couple of hours, and then by taking her to the water park!!! Thanks, Rachel :)


  1. That china cabinet is a steal. Awesome find!

  2. I know, hey? I had to ask if the $20 was a typo!!!

  3. well it's not easy... but the rewards of being "best auntie in the world" are well worth the effort! Glad she had fun!!


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