Thursday, December 23, 2010

2 days... busy busy busy

So much is getting done here... finally!... and I can't show you pics of any of it. I *knew* I shouldn't have let my family know I had a blog!!

But here's my present this year, half of it courtesy of Pioneer Woman and the photo editing contest that I won (I won!!! Seriously, I still can't believe it most of the time!).

A (gently used) Canon 40d... which, as one of my friends kindly pointed out to me, sounds like a bra size... and an 18-135 lens which I hope will turn out to be a good general-purpose one. Picking out a lens was the hardest part of the purchase - finding one with good reviews, that would cover most of my needs, and still be within my budget.

So, now I get to play with my camera... so many buttons and dials and unfamiliar features. It feels so good to have an SLR in my hands again!!


  1. Wow exciting new toy! Have a wonderful Christmas and wishing you a fabulous 2011

  2. Came by from the Iron Craft and your pictures are just BEAUTIFUL! Consider me your newest follower :)


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