Wednesday, December 1, 2010

24 days... and a winner!

There's nothing like doing things at the last minute, is there?

Please tell me I'm not the only Mama who spent a good portion of the day creating this year's Advent calendar!!

I used a combination of tutorials and pictures found whilst wasting time researching online. Also, I spent the last month or so collecting empty toilet rolls, much to the bemusement of my husband.

"Honey, why are there 20 empty toilet rolls in the cupboard?"

"Oh, I don't know. I just thought they might come in handy one of these days."

I like being cryptic like that.

I covered the rolls in old book pages, then flattened the bottoms and ran them through the sewing machine. I used a leather needle (a needle intended for sewing through leather, not a needle made of leather... just in case there was any confusion) and zig-zagged across to make a little pocket. Then I glued on the numbers, and they were all ready to hang up.

I also took great joy and delight in the fact that I bought the fillers in the presence of my daughter, and she had no idea what they were for. Of course, she is only 5, and we didn't do an advent calendar last year, but still. I'm easily amused.

Each little tube contains a tiny ornament for the tree in her bedroom, as well as a small chocolate for each of the kids, and a verse to read.

The countdown has begun!

Also, (please forgive the delay), the all-knowing random number generator has chosen the lovely Jessica to have the joy banner! Congrats, Jessica! I hope overseas posting will still allow you to enjoy it this Christmas!

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  1. This is SO pretty! I love it. I've been thinking of making a countdown calendar to my son's birthday in April (from the beginning of the month until his birthday) so this would be perfect! Thanks for sharing :)


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