Monday, January 3, 2011

doing stuff

Have you ever, on facing a task that looks overwhelmingly huge, just thrown up your hands, turned around and walked out of the room?

That would be me today.

Three times.

At least.

I had decided that my first 'action' of the year would be to tidy up my sewing room. I tend not to put things away when I'm in the middle of a project, and with Christmas just over, there's a lot of project detritus lying around in that room just now.

It's pretty bad.

So finally this evening I managed to convince myself to just get started on it. I folded fabric bits, sorted them out by colour into their stacks, put the little bitty scraps in their basket, threw out garbage, ate chocolate (hey! it couldn't just be left lying around, now, could it?), put tools back in their spots, started cutting out squares for a new quilt...

Wait... what???
Ummm, yeah. I did.



  1. lol mom. go you. and your quilting. ness. yeah. :) love ya!

  2. So what happened? Your rotary cutter accidently slipped and you just kinda ended up with some squares so you might as well make a quilt out of them?

  3. The real question is, did you start cutting out squares AFTER you completed tidying up, or did it interrupt and HALT the process? I ask, because I know what MY answer would be I am easily distracted!)


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