Wednesday, January 26, 2011

iron craft 4

My mug cozy, created for week 4 of Iron Craft.

It's not as beautiful as I had envisioned, but it works.

I wet-felted some wool roving around the mug, and then waited for several days for it to dry fully. I patched up some holes, and gave it some additional shaping using some felting needles; then I embroidered with blanket stitch around the top, and added some little stars for fun.

The bit that holds it in place behind the handle is a piece of covered elastic, with a button sewed down on each end. I cut button holes in the felt, and buttoned it together from behind. I rather like how that turned out.

And the cool feature about this mug cozy is that it also acts as its own portable coaster. The thick layer of felt underneath the mug protects whatever it's put down on. So no scorch marks, or condensation (should I happen to use the mug for a cold beverage in the summertime). Bonus!


  1. I couldn't agree more with Kathy's comment above - yours is the one I clicked on from the Iron Craft site!

  2. My favorite design out of them all - Wonderful design ( I have a bad habit of resting the cup in my hand so this really appeals to me)

  3. Oh…. i just love it…. remember that my birthday is coming up in April and something like that would be much loved and appreciated. I need you to tell me how to respond to blog comments too. I found the loveliest quilting store in Vancouver too…. not far from RM House. Maybe we could have a sisters afternoon when I am back down and we can go check it out.


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