Wednesday, March 16, 2011

iron craft 11

Yay! I'm back in the swing of Iron Crafting!! I missed a few weeks because my life was taken over by the play... I will be catching up on those weeks' challenges, just on principle, but for now, here's this week's challenge.

Green, as in the colour.
But I thought, hey, why not see just how green I can get with this.

So here is my green-ness:

1. I used both fabric that is green, and fabric that has green in it; thus fulfilling the main requirement of the challenge.

2. Both fabrics are natural fibres: the solid green is linen, and the print is cotton. No synthetics.

3. Both fabrics are thrifted... the linen was found at Value Village... apparently someone changed their mind about using it. The print is a vintage sheet that I got at the Sally Ann.

4. I used my green, recycled fabrics to make a re-usable lunch bag that is exactly the right size to carry my...

5. (not plastic!) square container in which I transport my...

6. ...salad!

So pretty. And so very, very green!

Edited to add: I totally forgot to mention that the bag is adapted from the Lunch bag pattern in Akiko Mano's book Linen Wool Cotton. Sorry about that...


  1. Did you use a pattern on this? I love it! I carry things in square glass containers too. I think a larger one would be great for a 9x13 dinner dish as well.

  2. Yes, actually. I forgot to mention it in the post. It's adapted from the
    lunch bag pattern in _Linen Wool Cotton_ by Akiko Mano. I made it a bit
    wider (and enlarged the boxed seam) and taller. I think if I made it
    again, I'd do it even bigger, and make the straps longer too...


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