Friday, September 30, 2011

September: a review.

Seriously, how is today the last day of September???

Here's what I've been up to this month:

Schooling... Grade 1 for Ellie. And that's it. No other kids in school. (Well, besides the one in uni, for whom I'm no longer responsible. And that's another weirdness in my life.) I've got a school-post in the works if anyone cares exactly what we're doing.

Pottery... I didn't know it was possible to enjoy an activity so much, whilst simultaneously being frustrated to heck-and-back. I LOVE throwing clay on a wheel. I just can't do it very well. But I LOVE it! (Clarification: I'm really good at shaping things... I just find it hard to get the clay ball exactly centred on the wheel. And that, my friends, is a very very crucial step.)

Church... in hopes of being able to make a difference, I agreed to sit on the board this year. Now my eyes are being opened to how things work, and exactly why some frustrating situations are allowed to go on. Oy!! It's going to be an interesting year.

Acting... Peter Pan rehearsals started up in earnest this month. I'm playing Mrs. Darling, and having so much fun!

Crocheting... I learned to crochet from a kit that I got when I was 6 years old, and made many wonky things all through my growing-up years. I learned to knit after I got married, and never picked up a hook again. Until this month. So far, I've made 3 things, and I'm working on a fourth, and already have the fifth project planned. I'd forgotten how relaxing it is.

Watching... Downton Abbey (season 2 just started up. Yay!!). Castle (I have a huge crush on Nathan Fillion). NCIS (what's with Tony acting like a grown-up??).

Cooking... Fall food!! I'm all about the comfort food. Today I made a big huge pot of Borscht. Mmmmmm.

Singing... in our church choir (if you knew our church, you'd know why I laugh out loud every time I say that).

Pinterest... still addicted. I think that's all I'll say about that.

Next month, I'm looking forward to:
  • Thanksgiving
  • my birthday
  • more of the same things from this month :)
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