Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December 1

Do you remember my matchboxes?

Well, here's the full collection.

Don't they look pretty in their vase?

Can you believe that I've actually restrained myself, and didn't open them all the minute they arrived in the house???

Here's day one:

matchbox by Linda Richter

 How cute is that reindeer???

And in other news, the knitting continues apace. I think I'll be stuck in my (fortunately comfy) chair from now til Christmas in order to finish everything that I've planned to do. Good thing I enjoy it!

Oh! I almost forgot! Tomorrow there's going to be a big BIG Giveaway Day! Check out the Sew, Mama, Sew blog for the full list of people who are giving things away, and don't forget to come back here to see what you could get from me!


  1. That looks like such fun!!! I bet you're dying to know what is in each one! (I'm curious too so please keep taking pictures)

  2. Howdy - I forgot to mention in my giveaway comment (and didn't want to comment twice,) I *love* your blog title - I'm a huge fan of corvids... so intelligent, so beautiful. When I lived in Washingon at a wolf sanctuary, we had ravens around constantly. It was quite a treat. :)

  3. Those are such a great idea! I wish that I had been a part of that!


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