Thursday, May 20, 2010


I hate it when I run into circumstances beyond my control!

We had a lovely windstorm last night. At least, there was a windstorm that blew through the town I live in. Our house is on the lee side of a hill, so we're relatively unaffected by most storms that come through the area. Sadly for us, though, our ISP is not located in an equally sheltered spot. So even though we barely noticed the storm last night, I was left without internet access all day today, while the power company fixed up whatever went wrong on the other side of the hill.

So, anyhow. I'm back now. Whew!

Previous giveaways can still be found here:
... and today's giveaway is  a set of seven marble magnets in the winner's choice of mustard yellow/grey or teal/white. Just leave me a comment and tell me something that made you smile today.


  1. did it really take all day to get the power back? Ours went out for about 2 hours last night and that was it and we are right on the top of a hill! Watching the boys play baseball and it didn't rain once.... That made me smile!

  2. No! That's the crazy part - our power didn't go out at all!!! We barely even noticed that there was a storm at all. Just a bit of wind.

  3. Hi! YOu are a giveaway monster!!! How generous are you. Hope the weather has improved. Something that made me smile today was my little men giving each other a cuddle and kiss before bed and also scoring a whol pile of fabric from an anonymous donor! I'm in NZ so I hope that's okay to enter. Those magnets look lovely!

  4. Hi Wendy,
    I used to live in Europe and the power went out once in 16 years where I lived ;) Since moving to Canada, I've lost count of the number of power outages (I'm on the East coast, also wet, but more windy :) - anyway, winters wreak havoc with power lines here).

    Your magnets intrigue me, I have a crazy collection on my fridge already and the ones you're offering are beautiful.

    Talking about magnets, it made me smile when my older co-worker came into my office and asked: "are you ready for a 30 s distraction" and then proceeded to show me how powerful his rare-earth-magnets are by holding a chunk 10 cm away from a small piece and making it wiggle over that distance ;) He was so impressed and excited -cute :)


  5. You're the winner!!!
    Email me... whimsey(dot)is(at)gmail(dot)com... and let me know your address and which ones you'd prefer :)


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