Friday, May 21, 2010


Yay!!! It's picking winners time!!!

Here goes:

For the ePattern from Sense & Sensibility:

Congrats to Jennifer S!

For the fabric baskets via Sew Mama Sew:

Congrats to Amy!

For the 'Mr. Darcy's girl' scrabble tile:

Congrats to Simply Sarah!

For the tag book and collage papers:

Congrats to Gaye McCance

And finally, for the marble magnets:

Congrats to Christine!

Thanks everyone for playing in the giveaways, and for checking out my blog!


  1. Yay! Thanks for the giveaway! Just so you know, I've had your blog in my google reader for a while now. :)

  2. Hee hee hee! I won! Yay! I am so excited!!!

  3. Hey there, just wondering if you got my reply to your email - you said you had trouble contacting me at first, so I hope that that trouble doesn't persist both ways :) Eagerly expecting the magnets :)



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