Saturday, September 18, 2010

busy busy busy

I didn't realize that adding one extra thing to my life was going to make me feel so very frantically busy! It seems that homeschooling a kindergartener, even though it's simple and joyful, has messed with my routines enough that I feel like I'm always behind. And, it has been a busy week.
  • Monday... school prep for the week (because I put it off all weekend - my own fault!), choir
  • Tuesday... coffee and picture-viewing with the in-laws
  • Wednesday... drama rehearsal
  • Thursday... stayed up all night keeping Abby up for a sleep-deprived EEG
  • Friday... recovery from Thursday night. I'm just too old to go without sleep!!
On the plus side, though, apparently sewing machines do not need to be classified as heavy machinery, and can be used by the half-asleep and brain-dead.

I squeaked under my self-imposed deadline, and finished Ellie's Feliz dress.
This one, I'd say, is not for the faint-of-heart. The instructions are fairly vague in spots, and some of the pattern pieces are lacking in markings.

The embellishments are all left to the discretion of the maker - no instructions are given for them. I put in three rows of ruffles on the back section, all with ribbon trim to hide the raw edges. I also made a flower pocket on the front - something I'd seen long ago on some blog somewhere. I think I'd still like to put a few more decorations on the front of the dress - it's looking a little bare in comparison to the riot of colour on the back!

I love how it turned out, though, and (more importantly) so does Ellie. I'll definitely be making more of these... after I try all the other patterns in the book ;)


  1. That is adorable!!! I love all of the ruffles.

  2. Isn't it sweet?! I was wishing it would look as good on me so that I could make myself one too :)

  3. i love that dress! hey, and i am starting to homeschool a kindergartener myself! good luck to you.


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