Monday, September 6, 2010

simple woman's daybook: sept 6

Outside my window... it is dark. The house is quiet; my thoughts are stilled. The day is done.

I am thinking... of how life moves on. Seasons change. Things change. I change. And yet, paradoxically, nothing changes.

I am thankful for... a warm house. Hot tea. Family.

From the learning rooms... school starts tomorrow. I have one child in high school for one more year. And our homeschooling journey begins with the first day of kindergarten for the youngest.

From the kitchen... I am half-way through my second month of eating mostly raw. I'm considering going vegan (not all-raw) for the winter. I can't fathom a winter without soup.

I am wearing... my only pair of jeans and a teal wool sweater. It's definitely fall. And time to knit some new slippers. My feet are cold.

I am creating... tidiness and order. I've been sorting and purging stuff in the house. I'm shocked by how much I have accumulated in the five years since we moved back to Canada.

I am going... forward.

I am reading... nothing at the moment. And that is truly unusual for me!

I am hoping... not to disappoint my daughter, who is so excited about starting school.

I am hearing... the sounds of silence. Peace.

Around the house... is evidence of plans, of hope, of wishes that just might come true.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
  • dentist appointment (blech!)
  • drama rehearsal (yay!)
  • homeschool trip to the park (I hope it's not raining!)
  • eldest daughter's driving test (fingers crossed that she passes this time!)
Here is picture that I am sharing...
 a rainbow over my sister's house.

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