Thursday, September 9, 2010

she is schooling again

School is very fun so far. Teaching one eager 5 year old is a whole different ball game than teaching three reluctant teenagers.

Our curriculum so far:
  • Saxon kindergarten math
  • Getty-Dubay handwriting (I'm thinking of trying something different)
  • Five-in-a-row... this week we've been reading Clown of God, which makes me cry every time... and the associated lap-booking. It's the lap-booking that is making this palatable for me. When I used FIAR with the other kids, it seemed too inane to just talk about stuff and have nothing to show for it. I like having something that the kids can look back over afterwards.
I've been trying to throw in some reading time (it's not working so well), and I want to add some nature study/journaling a la Charlotte Mason.

Yesterday we took an impromptu field trip out to Westminster Abbey in Mission, after discussing the monks in the story.

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