Friday, August 26, 2011

five minutes: older

Older. Yes, I definitely am.
There's grey in my hair. Surprisingly lots of it.
My knees creak when I climb stairs.
My back aches in the mornings.
There are crows feet beside my eyes, and wee lines at the corners of my mouth.

But on the inside?

Not so much.

I look at 'older' people... not the *old* older ones, but the ones that look like me... and I wonder when I'm going to feel like I fit in with them. I wonder when I'll feel like I've attained the wisdom that supposedly comes with my years. Because, on the inside, I'm still uncertain. Still trying to figure things out.

On the inside, I'm still about 21.


  1. Thank you for your comment on my blog; it seems we are on the same wavelength.  I have been reading through your blog, and I like it very much.

  2. You too, huh!?  I could have written this post (although not nearly as well as you!).  All I can say is..."My sentiments EXACTLY!"

  3. I've not gotten up to an internal age of 21 yet - I still feel like inside I'm an awkard 16 year old... really hope it passes soon!

  4. yeah, sadly I think we're stuck where we feel...

  5. Thanks! I do believe it's a very common feeling... my grandma (at 92) told me she still felt 18...


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