Tuesday, August 23, 2011

she's 18 today.

By request, as is the custom in our family on birthdays, we had sushi for dinner. Abby has been planning this for a year, at least.

Nathan had a piece with extra wasabi... I'll spare you the pictures of him with steam coming out of his ears. Suffice it to say that the rest of us were highly entertained.

What Abby didn't request was any specific kind of birthday cake.

So I (very thoughtfully) stuck with the sushi theme, and made Matcha cake rolls.

Lizzi made her obligatory stereotypical-Japanese-tourist-girl-squee-face during the lighting of the candles.

 And Abby was suitably surprised and pleased.

And the candles-who-do-not-lie told us all that she has 5 boyfriends.


Oh well... happy birthday, Abby!!


  1. Enjoyed your b.d. photos and weeds/grasses in the sunlight. Wanted you to know your poem after the thunder-or was it lightening, touched me: almost made me cry. Good job!
    Your anon pal. Well semi-anon. (I did talk to you on the phone once, now I just lurk on your blog page cause I like it!)


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