Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What I'm into... August.

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August. Last day.
Seriously?? Only four months left in this year???

So, here's what I've been into this month.

What I'm reading:
Still (slowly) working my way through One Thousand Gifts. This woman slays me. I have to read a chapter and then put the book away, and then come back and re-read it. And then read it again. And again.

Georgette Heyer. Regency novels at their finest. I found an omnibus edition with five of her stories in it at the thrift store.

Terry Pratchett. Discworld novels. I love biting, witty, dark humour.

What I'm watching:
Eureka. Sci-fi geekery. I'm sad that there's only one season left.

That's it for TV these days... and no movies either this month.

What I'm listening to:
I pine for silence. My kids always have something playing... don't know what it is most of the time... I treasure the quiet moments.

What I'm making:
Pots. As in pottery. Thrown on a wheel.

Pictures. My 365 project bit the dust, but I'm still experimenting with my camera. And loving it.

What's cooking:
Tapioca in the crockpot. Salads of all kinds. Corn on the cob. Macarons. Sushi-shaped caked rolls. Cinnamon buns. Bread-and-butter pickles (3 dozen jars).

The only thing I'm not doing (that I should be) is menu-planning. Generally these days, 5:00 finds me polling the family. "What do you want for dinner?" Not the best way to be doing things.

Blog reading:
This month I pared my Google reader down drastically. Like, there used to be 400 blogs on the list, and now there's 75. Hmmm. That still sounds like a lot...

It takes up more of my time than I care to admit. But now at least I've got a plan. It involves me actually *doing* some of the things that I find there. Which is cool. And fun.

What I'm looking forward to next month:
  • school is starting up... and for the first time in 15 years, I've only got one in school. Hooray!! Boxes of school books have been arriving on our doorstep the last couple of days - I'm really excited about doing Grade 1 with Ellie this year.
  • rehearsals begin in earnest... I'm thrilled to be playing Mrs. Darling in Peter Pan.
  • the continuation of pottery classes... it's been a real challenge for me, and I think I'm finally getting it.


  1. I'm so jealous of your pottery creating! Now THAT'S fascinating. (I am truly not.) I am also jealous of the action your kitchen is seeing. Mine has been quiet as I've tried to keep the house livable in the life-sucking heat. Tapioca in the crockpot .... YES.

  2. The kitchen action is a direct result of our extremely cold summer... I'd almost rather have heat, to be honest.
    Pottery = great fun! I'm completely loving it. I'd recommend it to anyone.


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