Sunday, August 28, 2011

pinterest: cake stand and skivvies

Do you Pinterest?
I do. I can lose whole chunks of my day to that place if I'm not careful.
It's a wonderful tool for inspiration and keeping track of where you found things.

The problem is, it's super easy to pin all these wonderful things... sewing projects and tutorials, inspiring art, recipes, home decorating ideas... and then, having pinned them, it's also super easy to just move on and look for more wonderful ideas.

My intention (for longer than I care to admit) has been to actually do/make something based on some of my pins. And thanks to a figurative kick-in-the-pants from Sarah, I now have done.

Actually, I've got two projects to tell you about.

The first one was actually done in July, but I neglected to blog it then, so you get to hear about it now.

my inspiration pin

I started with two cake tins, the lid of an almond roca tin, a ...???... stand of some sort, some large wooden beads, and two cans of spray paint (one white, and the other oil-rubbed bronze).

I took the stand apart (it unscrewed at the bottom of the heavy marble base) and put all of the bits, along with the wooden beads, onto what I called my +10 board of holding so that they could be sprayed with the bronze paint.

The cake pans and tin lid got large-ish holes drilled in their centres, and then sprayed with white paint.

When all the paint was cured, it was time for assembly. Because of the extra wooden beads that I wanted to use, the original threaded pipe in the stand wasn't long enough to hold all the pieces. So I went out to my local thrift store and bought a cheap lamp that had one of sufficient length. (I just threw out the extra lamp bits, since they were very ugly.)

So... here's a picture of the stand, all assembled and full of cupcakes at my niece's wedding early this month.

My other project that I made, you don't get to see. Mostly because I found it really hard to take a decent yet modest picture of my own skivvies in action.

my inspiration pin

Let me tell you, these tap pants are the most brilliant thing to be invented. Ever.

I'm one of those unfortunate souls whose thighs (I blush to admit it) touch. So wearing a skirt on a hot day leaves one feeling sticky and sweaty in unmentionable places. (I can't believe I'm even talking about this!)

Today I wore my tap pants all day. They're made of a silk-cotton blend fabric; so light weight as to be hardly noticeable. And there was no thigh-sticking-together action. None.

So there you have it. My pinterest board has proven its worth. My goal is to do at least one thing every week.

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  1. Sarah@EmergingMummyAugust 28, 2011 at 9:20 PM

    Absolutely great! I can't believe how well it turned out. (Also? I heart cupcakes.)

  2. Oh SO loving the tap pants idea!!  I too *blushing* have the same skirt problem.  :o(  I will have to try that!!

  3. Do not be ashamed of touching thighs! Mine touch, too, and that is why I hardly ever wear dresses or skirts unless it's warm enough to wear tights, too. But now I think all I need is some tap pants. If only I could sew :-(

    Also, your cake stand is awesome! I saw a couple of pins like your inspiration pin, and I thought, vaguely, that I ought to try it. Except I have all these OTHER ideas already waiting to be done :-D

  4. I love the tap pants idea.  Great!  (hey, are there really people whose thighs don't touch?!!)

  5. My thighs do that too (yikes!) What a great idea! :) Visiting from Emerging Mummy...:)

  6. Thanks!
    Yes, my eldest daughter (who is built like a beanpole) has thighs that don't touch. Sigh. When I was her age, mine didn't either. Sigh again.

  7. The ideas just multiply, don't they!?
    So many good ideas, so little time... :)

  8. It was the best thing I've done for myself all summer, I swear!! :)

  9. Thanks! Cupcakes are awesome!! This was the third wedding that I've decorated them for - such fun :)


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