Friday, December 11, 2009

December 11

Almost missed it today!!!

I've had my hands full of knitting and icosahedrons.

And watching the snowfall that never happened. Seriously, the weather people hype it up so much, and then we get a few flakes that just blow away as if they never existed... oh well. Fingers crossed that we do get some snow soon. Or else Ellie will start thinking that I'm lying to her.

matchbox by Jill Smalley


  1. hey Wendy ... did you make that icosahedron? it's amazing!

    ps: glad it's not snowed yet here as I still have much driving around to do :-P

  2. Why, yes, I did make that icosahedron! In fact, I've made a couple of them now, and have enough paper circles for about 8 more! We'll see if I get them all done before Christmas - they do take a bit of time to make.

  3. these advent boxes are such a great idea!

    thanks for coming by my blog :)



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