Sunday, December 13, 2009

December 13

Happy Saint Lucia Day!

matchbox by Cheryl Lennox

We got our snow, finally! It made for an interesting drive home from church, including one corner at which the car did NOT go around the curve, but instead slid straight into a sidewalk. I was very glad that there were no other cars in the way, and that we did not continue over the sidewalk and down the hill...

I have another "thing" starting today as well... I'm a member of the Byhand Artists yahoo group, and we have, for a couple of years now, done a 12 Days of Christmas gift swap.  We make small (envelope-sized) gifts to open on the twelve days leading up to Christmas. This year there were a few extra people who signed up, so on some of the days there will be 2 gifts to open. I really look forward to this swap! So here's day 1. Well, one of the day 1 gifts... one of them has not yet arrived here. Canada Post is so annoying that way.

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