Thursday, December 3, 2009

December 3

Happy 3rd of December!

matchbox by Chris McNeal

One more thing to tick off the list...
... well, after I get it to the post office, anyhow...

The knitting is frustrating the heck out of me right now. I keep running out of yarn just minutes before the end of an item, which means I have to then rip it right out and try something else. Ah, the joys of knitting with thrifted yarn. You can't just go buy more. So that's now 3 hats and one mitten that will never be seen, and 3 evenings of work down the drain. Somebody shoot me now.


  1. How frustrating to have to keep frogging your work! I hope you can find something that fits the amount of yarn you have. Good luck!

  2. Hmmm, or maybe you need to allow some imperfection. :) Mismatched mits? Mixmatched yarns? It pains me to think you unravel so much work for a lack of a few rows to complete it.

    How cool that you are a thrifter! I shop my local thrift store almost exclusively for clothing and get lots of great knick knacks and unusual stuff to resell (ie: etsy shop).


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