Saturday, December 26, 2009

December 26

Wow, I kind of disappeared, didn't I?

I fell into a hole full of knitting and sewing and purchasing and wrapping and food and family... and I'm thankful to say that I survived. It was a good Christmas, if slightly hectic at times. Here's me playing catch-up:

the day 5 gift that finally arrived... late... thanks, Canada Post!

gorgeous canvas coasters

a pretty scrabble tile pendant

a very cute little zipper pouch and a little fridge magnet
a beaded necklace with a domino pendant, and a snowflake pendant
a madonna and child picture - I love the texture of the background!
a clockwork paper doll
two presents to show today... The day 12 gift is a tea bag holder book - this'll get a lot of use, I'm pretty sure! I'm always carrying tea bags around with me. The day 13 gift was for us to open on "our" day. So I opened it on day 3, when everyone else opened the one I made. I just had to keep it secret til the end. So now you see... it's a little picture to add to my art wall :)
These were very very fun swaps to participate in! I'm sorry they're over. But next year I get to do it again. Woot!


  1. wow, you have a whole bunch of art to enjoy there. Glad to add to it, I will email you for your address and get your butterfly reminder in the mail this week.

  2. You made some really beautiful things!!!!

    What lucky folks!


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